Petit déjeuner at Café Campagne

There is little that whisks us away to our dream of Paris more readily than the classic French petit déjeuner in the morning sunshine.  Taking a moment to savor some coffee, some juice, a small pastry and a baguette with some confiture, watching the world and its denizens hustle about; these are what the French refer to as les petits plaisirs, the small pleasures.

So, in response to popular demand from both locals and visitors alike, Café Campagne will offer breakfast during the week starting June 1st.  Serving from 8am until lunch begins at 11am..  Expect to see favorites like the Oeufs en meurette, the Omelette Choisy, and our house-made chicken and pork sausage and even house-made patisseries!

Cafe Campagne is located on the Post Alley side of Inn at the Market, our famous downtown Seattle hotel. Click here to visit the Cafe Campagne website.