Rachels ginger beer employee

We first posted about Rachel’s Ginger Beer before their grand opening here in Pike Place Market last month.  Now that they have been open for a few weeks, we’ve come to really enjoy having them so close by.  During the day, their range of ginger beer is the most refreshing treat on a hot day.  It’s a toss-up between the strawberry or apricot for favorite flavor here at the Inn at the Market.  

But some might say the best thing about Rachel’s Ginger Beer is the cocktail menu.  The menu offers both the Moscow Mule, made with Vodka, and the Montana Mule, made with whiskey, but the Frozen Strawberry Mule might just take the cake; a blended mix of RGB, Vodka, and fresh strawberries.  Don’t limit yourself, any of their cocktails can be made into a blended drink.  Next time you’re in the downtown Seattle area, stop on by!

We also really love their Pike Place Market inspired mural:

Rachels Ginger Beer mural

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is open 10am-10pm, 7 days a week.  Located directly across the street from our valet zone on Pine St.