Pike Place Market is Seatle’s most iconic living landmark. It’s often considered the soul of the city. For us at Inn at the Market, it’s also home. Here are 10 reasons why Pike Place Market is sure to capture your heart.

Fresh Pacific Bounty

From fish mongers tossing flying fish to the displays of succulent salmon, Pike Place Market is synonymous with the freshest seafood the Pacific has to offer.

Seattle’s Culinary Wonderland

Choose from over 100 global dining destinations that showcase the richness of local flavors. Your taste buds will never get bored!

Artisanal Treasures

Every direction of the Market’s labyrinth leads to a treasure trove of local artisanal crafts. The Market is a gallery for Seattle’s creative spirit so get lost in it!

Spectacular Views

We never take for granted the breathtaking views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. The ever-changing scenery is a picture-perfect backdrop to your adventures.

Daily Abundance

As the only hotel within Pike Place Market, we share a front-row seat to the daily ritual of vendors setting up their stalls. Nothing beats an early morning stroll to watch the Market wake up and unveil the day’s bounty from fresh produce to the catch of the day.

Immersive Experience

Pike Place Market is not just a marketplace; it’s an immersive experience. Chat with local farmers, interact with passionate vendors, people watch, and embrace the diversity that makes this market truly inclusive.

Floral Bliss

The vibrant flower stalls add a burst of color and fragrance year-round, transforming the market into a living garden that delights the senses.

Living History

Founded in 1907, Pike Place Market is not just the oldest farmer’s market in the US; it’s a living testament to Seattle’s history. The cobbled streets and historic buildings invite you to step back in time and savor the charm of a bygone era.

Community Comes First

The Market is home to a pillar of the community: the Pike Place Market Foundation, which provides essential services, healthcare and housing to those in need. When neighbors help neighbors, we all win.


We offer Inn at the Market guests a unique privilege – the luxury of being immersed in the Market’s energy 24/7. Rise to the Market’s hustle and bustle and let its nighttime quiet lull you to sleep. Roll out of bed to grab the first morning croissant and coffee. Later pick up wine and market snacks and head to our rooftop deck. It’s all waiting for you!

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