Inn at the Market

Inn At The Market’s Summer
Packages Promote Possibility as Seattle Opens Up for Sunny Days

Pardon us if we’re just a little excited here at the Inn at the Market, but the fact is, we’ve simply missed our traveler tribe. And we’re certainly not the only ones. The City of Seattle — from restaurants to retailers, and especially our vendor friends right below us at Pike Place Market — is awash in something we’ve all been missing these past few years: a hopeful, wistful, optimistic sense of possibility.

It’s fueled a bit by the arrival of spring. Denizens of this beautiful but admittedly, occasionally, winter-rain soaked metropolis grow ecstatic when the budding season takes hold. Warming days, emerging daffodils, after-seven-o’clock sunsets – big change is afoot, the kind that makes us want to run outside and just stare at it all. Then maybe go out to dinner.

Speaking of seasonal change, the anticipation of summer is what’s really fueling this sense of possibility. The restrictions of the past few years are lifting in a real way. The boundaries mercifully removed. But that’s the thing about boundaries; while they certainly constrain, they also drive us to move forward, to flow, just like the banks of a river, energizing us to find the best path forward. And that path, we’d like to point out, can very well lead guests seeking the remarkable straight to our door. Which would be the right place, because at the Inn at the Market, we always deliver remarkable. Now let’s talk about the possibility we have in store for you.

How Would You Celebrate Your Summer Day?

This one’s easy. The Inn at the Market is the only downtown Seattle hotel located directly in (as in steps away from) the famous Pike Place Market. A few more strides one way leads to the iconic Seattle Waterfront, a few footfalls the other to Seattle’s vibrant downtown, brimming with shops and restaurants.

We are centered nicely, but still a tranquil hideaway guests may not want to leave thanks to the well-appointed rooms designed with comfort in mind, while offering views of downtown, Pike Place Market, Seattle’s waterfront, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. Then there’s our rooftop deck panorama; think bathing in the warm glow of radiant sunsets (at, for example, 8:43 p.m. in July – we are definitely excited), looking at the water, and sipping a glass of…

But let’s stop there, because truly the best way to celebrate your summer day – and possibility – is by booking our “Pike Place Blooms: Spring Is In the Air!” package, today, to get the best summer rates before they’re snatched up.

Pike Place Blooms: Spring Is In the Air! includes:

  • Overnight accommodations
  • One bouquet of fresh flowers from Pike Place Market
  • Two pairs of the Inn’s sunglasses (you’ll need them!)
  • One Inn at the Market tote bag
  • One bottle of Northwest wine
  • Overnight valet parking

Book today to secure the best summer rates.

What’s the Rush?

Some of it’s because we miss our traveler tribe and can’t wait to reconnect with our guests here at the Inn at the Market. Then there’s the weather: Seattle’s summer sunshine is simply perfect, but sadly here for too short of a time.  

But we want to help you do something we call calculating the last minute. It can be difficult to find the focus and energy to start planning ahead. Alternatively, waiting until the last minute can be expensive. So, when it comes to Pike Place Blooms: Spring Is In the Air! it’s a smart strategy to plan ahead and secure both a room, and lower summer rate.

Say, There’s All This Restaurant Talk…

A culinary capital in its own right, Seattle’s restaurants remained resilient and innovative the past two years while serving some of country’s best food. Essentials include Café Campagne’s classic Parisian fare, Nirmal’s culinary journey across the Indian subcontinent, and Stateside’s stunning Southeast Asian Cuisine.

Newcomers abound as well, with Maiz, a tortilleria (fresh, authentic Mexican street food, right in Pike Place Market!), Bourbon Steak Seattle, a modern American steakhouse, and Café Opla, a Vietnamese-style coffee (and breakfast) counter, leading the charge.

We Want to Push the Boundaries

Certainly some vacationers want to see more once they’ve hit the local highlights. Perhaps a day trip the Olympic Peninsula, Snoqualmie Falls, or the Washington Coast is in order. Easy enough, and highly recommended. Give us a call or drop us a note, we’re happy to talk about these, and other options.

Speaking of which, guests of an adventurous mind will be interested to know the Inn at the Market resurrected our Cruise Package. This is bookable today, and runs until the last Alaska-bound ship departs Seattle on 10.16.22. This package includes:

  • No Need to Worry About Logistics or Travelling in Style – One way town car service from Sea-Tac Airport to our property *OR* from our property back to Sea-Tac Airport.
  • Fresh & Local Breakfast

$15.00, per day, in voucher form for Bacco. They’re great at sourcing ingredients from Pike Place Market for favorites like Dungeness crab eggs benedict, brioche French toast, and salmon hash.

In Conclusion

Spring is in the air, Seattle’s opening up, and summer is right around the corner. The best path forward leads to right to our door, where guests can finally embrace a hopeful, wistful, optimistic sense of possibility. Our packages are designed with all of this in mind. We really want to see you (as if you can’t tell), and we certainly think, after all this time, you deserve a great Seattle summer vacation.