The Best Kind of Thank You—From Inn at the Market

We think a lot about hospitality here at Inn at the Market. And while that may not be breaking news to you, we’d love to provide some insight as to how we approach what we do.

First and foremost, hospitality isn’t a tactic we employ to sell more rooms, nor is it a marketing strategy. It’s a mindset we adopt, an intention we embrace, and a key part of why we’re here in the first place. (Makes sense, right?)

Second, we’re very lucky to be surrounded by leaders who define themselves by a willingness to act (rather than title or position). Our leaders—from the front desk, to maintenance, to housekeeping…really everyone here—truly believe connection and care count, especially when it comes to solving difficult problems. That means together, as one team, we do work we’re proud of, which results in a stay that fills guests with magic and delight.

Finally, there’s our gratitude practice, which is the lynchpin of our entire organization. Gratitude is more nuanced that most of us would like to admit…as evidenced by its two primary iterations (told you we think about this stuff a lot):

  • There’s the common “thank you” we say in passing, throughout our daily lives. This goes something along the lines of “thank you for giving me what I want,” or “thank you for providing what I asked for.”

  • This kind of “thank you” isn’t necessarily bad of course, but it’s focused inwardly, based on our individual need. We’re pointing the finger at ourselves.

  • But then there’s the “thank you” of true appreciation, where we’re pointing the finger at someone else. It means “thank you for showing up, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your effort and commitment. Thank you for your kindness, and for bringing us closer together.” And maybe most importantly, “thank you, because we’d miss you if you were gone.” This kind of “thank you” is contagious. Which is why it drives everything we do.

With that, we’d like to proclaim that our 2022 summer season was EPIC. Thank you for making it special. Thank you for your willingness to explore, your vulnerability, and for trusting us throughout your stay.  We couldn’t have done it without you. And for the record, we miss you when you’re gone.

That being said, we hope you’re not gone for too long! So here’s what’s cooking:

If you’re looking for a good guffaw before the holiday madness kicks in, check out the 42nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition at Unexpected Productions (Seattle’s longest running improv theater, located in Pike Place Market). There are only two performances, (November 3rd and 10th), so get your tickets today!

And don’t forget about our incredible rooftop deck, a great place to catch some cosmically-scheduled meteor showers. It turns out sky watching is a thing, and Inn at the Market is perfectly suited to make it as cozy as possible as the winter chill sets in.

Last thing: if you’re thinking about hosting a truly remarkable group event, consider our Beecher’s Loft (perfect for receptions, board meetings, and private dining) or the Courtyard Room (think seminars, conferences, lectures, and larger receptions). Contact us anytime, we’re happy to help!

Thank you again. You connection and care counts.