Where to Sip the Best Coffee in Pike Place Market

Did you know Seattle’s famous coffee culture started over 100 years ago at Pike Place Market? If you’re a coffee lover, staying at Inn at the Market is a big perk! Discover your favorite brew at these indie coffee shops nestled within the historic market. They each have a story to tell.

Le Panier: A Taste of Paris in Seattle

Follow the smell of freshly baked croissants and perfectly brewed coffee to this charming café around the corner from the hotel. Pair a rich latte with a flaky pastry for a morning made in coffee heaven.

Ghost Alley Espresso: Espresso with a Side of History

For a dose of caffeine with a view, head to this cozy espresso bar. Located in historic Post Alley, it is just steps away from the infamous Gum Wall.

Storyville Coffee Pike Place: Where Stories Come to Life

Step into this top floor cafe, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a storybook setting. The café’s plush leather couches and warm wood interiors invite cozy conversations and quiet moments alike.

Pike Street Coffee: Roastery in the Heart of the Market

Pike Street Coffee takes pride in roasting beans on-site, ensuring a fresh and aromatic experience. Chat with their friendly baristas, who are passionate about their craft and will suggest unique coffee selections to suit your palate.

Seattle Coffee Works: The Connoisseur’s Haven

This paradise for coffee connoisseurs takes pride in ethical sourcing and precise roasting in every cup. Explore their single-origin coffees or relish a carefully crafted espresso prepared by true artisans.

Biscuit Bitch: Biscuits, Brews, and Bold Flavor

Coffee and comfort food are often a perfect match. At Biscuit Bitch, savor mouthwatering biscuits while enjoying perfectly brewed coffee. It’s a popular breakfast spot that draws fans – and long lines.

Bacco Cafe: Italian Flair in Seattle

Wrap up your coffee tour without leaving the hotel. Bacco Café brings a bustling touch of Italian flair to your day. The espresso is bold, the cappuccinos are creamy, and the cozy ambiance invites you to linger.

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